Any church is only as good as the leaders who guide it. For that reason, we are thankful that the following people have stepped up to fulfill the administrative duties at Arlington United Methodist church. We would ask that you please pray for them, whether you are a member or just visiting Arlington UMC. These are all volunteers, and the do their level best to make certain you can enjoy your time at the church and that we are productive in our ministry.

If you are a member at Arlington UMC and feel called into a leadership position, we suggest contacting one of the people currently service to learn about the opportunities to help build the ministry of the church. We hope that many hands will make light work and will increase the success of Arlington UMC in the community. We elect new leaders every fall at our church charge conference meeting and there are always openings.

Elected Leaders

Role Servant Contact
Admin Council Chair Jan Millard adchair@arlingtonumchurch.org
Secretary Michele Koopmans adsec@arlingtonumchurch.org
Treasurer Michele Koopmans treasurer@arlingtonumchurch.org
Historian historian@arlingtonumchurch.org
Financial Secretary Caroline Swalheim financesec@arlingtonumchurch.org
Lay Leader Janet Hughey laylead@arlingtonumchurch.org
Lay Member to AC Cynthia Morse delegate@arlingtonumchurch.org
Membership Secretary Cynthia Morse members@arlingtonumchurch.org
UMW President Cynthia Morse umw@arlingtonumchurch.org
Memorials Sally Stewart memorials@arlingtomumchurch.org